Oxyplug Prefetch plugin enables you to prefetch all links with the conditions below for a better performance and user experience:

1. You can specify the number of pages on the archive or taxonomy pages to be prefetched.

2. You can decide after how many milliseconds of mouse hovering, the links will be prefetched. The recommended time is 300 milliseconds, but it can easily be changed to the intended number.

NB: The time should be specified based on the millisecond units of time.

3. Prefetching all links in the viewport is another Oxyplug Prefetch plugin option which is disabled by default, but you can enable this option by marking the checkbox. With this option, all the <a> tags in the viewport will be prefetched.

4. You can also exclude the links that you do not want to be prefetched. For excluding these links, you can mention their selector such as a class or id, so all the links with those selectors will not be prefetched.

5. You can save all the changes by pressing the Save button.

Oxy Prefetch settings