Oxyplug Prefetch and Prerender plugin enables you to prefetch all links with the conditions below for a better performance and user experience.

Prefetch settings

1. You can specify the number of pages on the archive or taxonomy pages to be prefetched immediately after page loading.

2. You can decide whether links be prefetched on mouse hovering. By enabling this feature, links with mouse hovering event for at least 200 milliseconds will be prefetched.

Oxplug prefetch settings

Prerender settings

Another additional feature in the Oxyplug Prefetch and Prerender plugin is prerendering one or some pages, so they will be rendered and ready to load fast before the user requests for that page.

3. You can specify the number of pages to be prerendered on a category or taxonomy page.

4. By enabling this feature, all links after mouse hovering event (at least 200 milliseconds) will be prerendered.

Oxyplug prerender settings

Exclusion settings

5. You can enter an address(es) to exclude it from prefetching and prerendering list. Entering page URLs using RegEx is allowed as well. 

E.g.: ^https?:\/\/(www\.)?example\.com(?:\/.*)?$

6. You can also exclude links from prefetching and prerendering lists containing a specific selector like id (#no-prerender), class (.no-prerender), or any other selectors.

7. Press Save button to keep the changes.

Oxyplug prefetch and prerender exclusion settings
Oxyplug prefetch and prerender exclusion settings

Prefetch and Prerender options on a page’s editing side

There is also the possibility for prefetching and prerendering one or some pages on a special page1. To do so, you need to open the editing side of a page, then you will see two boxes like the image at the end, containing Prerender and Prefetch options.

1 Post, product, and page

1. You can enable the specific pages prerendering / prefetching option by toggling on the prerender / prefetch switch.

2. Add the URL of the page that is going to be prerendered / prefetched to the empty field.

3. You can add more links by pressing Add more button.

Oxyplug prerender and prefetch settings in editing page