Prefetch and Prerender

With Oxyplug Prefetch and Prerender experience even better performance

Prefetch all links in the viewport

By using the Oxyplug Prefetch and Prerender plugin, you can decide if all <a> tags in the viewport are fetched and stored in the browser cache or not, so by selecting this option, when the user clicks on a link, the browser loads the cached content, and the page loads faster.

Prefetch all links in viewport
Prefetch or prerender a page on mouse hover after X milliseconds

Prefetch/Prerender links on hover after X milliseconds

Prefetching/prerendering links on mouse hover after a specified time is another plugin’s feature. It means when a user hovers on a link, after 300 milliseconds (e.g.), the link’s destination page content will be prefetched/prerendered and ready to load fast. You can enable this option in the plugin’s settings and specify the amount of time in milliseconds.

Prefetch/Prerender X number of every post types on archive pages

Regardless of the previous features, the Oxyplug Prefetch and Prerender plugin is able to prefetch/prerender the first X number of posts or products on the archive page, so they are ready to load fast immediately after the user clicks on them. The number of links to be prefetched/prerendered on a taxonomy or archive page is adjustable in the plugin setting.

Prefetch or prerender X number every post types on archive pages