Optimize WordPress websites

Using Oxyplug plugins

Optimize your WordPress performance and get a better LCP score by Oxyplug Preload and Oxyplug Prefetch. For creating how-to tutorials, Oxy HowTo plugin is here to help you!

Oxy Plugins main features

Create How-to posts using Oxyplug HowTo plugin to show users how to complete a task, featuring text and images.

Oxyplug Prefetch, prefetches the links’ destination pages for a performance and loading speed.

By using Oxyplug Preload plugin, the LCP image will be preloaded for a better performance and a better LCP score.

How-to post structured data example showing on a laptop

Create how-to posts
with Oxyplug HowTo

Using Oxyplug HowTo plugin, you can easily create how-to posts and guide the users to complete a task following your steps. Beautiful how-to steps’ design and HowTo structured data are prominent features of Oxyplug HowTo plugin.

Better website performance
with Oxyplug Prefetch

Oxyplug Prefetch plugin prefetches all the <a> tags in the viewport, the links after X milliseconds mouse hover, and X number of pages on each archive page, so their contents will be stored in the browser cache and ready to load immediately after they are needed.

How Oxy Prefetch works
How Oxy Preload works

Better LCP score
with Oxyplug Preload

Oxyplug Preload plugin preloads the LCP (hero) image on the post, product, and page, so it helps your website’s pages have a better LCP score and performance.