Oxyplug Journey

07 September 2022

Creating Oxyplug YouTube Channel

Oxyplug’s YouTube channel was created on November 2022. On this YouTube channel, you can find all Oxy plugins’ tutorials and SEO tricks.

View Oxy Plug YouTube Channel

Oxyplug YouTube

18 January 2022

Releasing Oxy Prefetch

The Oxy Prefetch plugin was released on November 2022 for the first time. This plugin is totally free to download and use!

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Oxy Prefetch

08 January 2022

Releasing Oxy Preload Plugin

The Oxy Preload plugin was released on November 2022. It is completely free. Enjoy a better website performance using Oxy Preload!

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Oxy Preload

29 August 2021

Releasing Oxy HowTo Plugin

The Oxy HowTo plugin was released on November 2022 in free and premium versions for providing an opportunity to create how-to tutorials easily.

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Oxy HowTo