These Terms govern

  • the use of this Website, and,
  • any other related Agreement or legal relationship with the Owner

in a legally binding way. Capitalized words are defined in the relevant dedicated section of this document.

The User must read this document carefully.

This Website is provided by:

Oxyplug, 149, 19-13085, Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0K2, Canada

1. Definitions and Legal References

This Website (or this Application)

The website and all its subdomains with all its information.


Any legal contract between the owner and the user

Owner (or We)

A person or a team who has created this website and provides the services to the users.

Product or Service

Any services or digital files which are available for purchasing on this website.


All provisions to use this website and its services and products which are provided on this page and any other additional related exceptions, documents and agreements.

User (or You)

Every person who uses this website.


Every user who uses this website’s products and services.

2. Account Registration

Creating an account to use the website services and buy products is a necessity. Users should create an account with the correct and trustworthy personal information.

A user should choose a suitable username and password with the highest level of security in order to save privacy of their information.

By creating an account and registering in the Oxyplug website, you fully agree to all activities which are happening by your account.

Users should inform the owner of the website immediately after disclosure of account credentials.

2.1. Conditions for Account Registration

Each user should just have one account, more than one user account is possible under some special circumstances.

Accounts which are created in some automated conditions, including but not limited to bots are not allowed.

3. Account Termination

Users are able to stop using the website’s services and their account at any time. They should contact us (the owner) to take the necessary actions for the account deactivation.

4. Account Suspension and Deletion

The website owner has the right to suspend or delete any account at any time due to violating website terms, privacy and policy without notifying the users. 

5. Content on This Website

All the content on this website is provided by the owners. We always do our best to keep the content provided on this website up-to-date and fresh. Users are fully allowed to tell us their complaints or comments regarding the site content through the contact methods.

6. All Rights Regarding Content on This Website Reserved

All rights for website content are reserved by the owner. Any use of the content including but not limited to copy, download, and transform is not allowed, but in some special circumstances such as personal use without any commercial aim with the respect to the copyright’s principles.

7. Acceptable Use

The owner has the right to make an appropriate decision for the users who are violating the website’s terms and laws. Here are kinds of website rules violations:

  • Violating laws and regulations
  • Impairing the Owner’s legitimate interests
  • Offending the owner and the whole Oxyplug team

Users are responsible for the way and the aim they use the website and its services. If each of the terms above are done by the users, the owner is fully allowed to suspend or delete the user’s account or report the user and their violated activities to the legal authorities in order to take the necessary actions.

8. Terms and Conditions of Sale

8.1. Paid Products

Most of the products on this website are purchasable. The products’ fees, duration, conditions, and purchase process are provided in detail.

8.2. Product Description

Products’ prices, descriptions, and features are completely provided on this website. They can be changed by the owner at any time.

Every element including but not limited to images, videos, sounds ,etc. is just for showing the product more clearly. They do not warranty the purchased product features.

8.3. Purchasing Process

The purchasing process comprises the steps below which all are a part or purchasing process:

1- Selecting the demanded product with all the necessary attributes which are provided for them such as quantity, number of supported sites, etc.

2- Adding the product to the shopping cart.

3- Selecting the suitable payment method

3- Entering the billing information correctly and carefully including Full name, email address, physical address, phone number, zip (or postal) code and any necessary customer note for making the most accurate purchase.

4- Reviewing the purchase process to ensure all the entered information is correct.

Users are able to cancel the purchase at any time during the purchasing process.

8.4. Order Submission

After submitting an order, the following applies:

1- By submitting an order, you agree with all the costs such as product cost, taxes and other possible fees, so you will be obligated to pay them.

2- By submitting an order, the user will receive an email which contains a receipt of the order submission with the information such as order number, purchased product, number of products and order price.

All the notices are sent to the email address which has already been provided by the user while purchasing a product(s).

8.5. Offers and Discounts

The owner may offer discounts and special offers on his own decision. They are mostly time limited, so the time limitation is calculated based on the owner location.

8.6. Methods of Payment

All the payment methods are provided during the purchasing process and they can be chosen based on the user’s preference and conditions.

All the payments are done through third-parties and none of account and payment information is stored on this website. The owner is just notified of the successful payment which has been done.

Any failure in the purchasing process which is the result of available payment methods, is not under the owner’s responsibility and there is no obligation for completing the purchase as a compensation of the failure. Any possible cost which is the result of payment failure will be borne by the user.

8.7. Retention of Product Ownership

The product ownership becomes the user’s property after the successful purchase has been done.

8.8. Retention of Usage Rights

Users do not earn any rights to use the products until the product purchase is done successfully.

8.9. Contractual Right of Cancellation

Users have the right to cancel the product purchase under the related terms and conditions which are provided on the website within the 30 days after making the purchase.

9. Delivery of Digital Content

Because the purchased product(s) delivery is through download, after making a successful purchase, the product download button will be activated in the user’s profile.

Users confirm that the device and its operating system is up-to-date, legal and acceptable by the current market standards.

Users confirm that the download ability may be time limited, so it cannot be available to download the product after the end of subscription.

10. Subscriptions

10.1. Contract Duration

Subscriptions make users able to use a product continuously over a period of time. The types of the subscriptions on the website are explained below in detail.

10.2. Fixed-term Subscriptions

Fixed-term subscription starts exactly after the product purchase and the ending time is based on the user’s section while purchasing the product. By ending the subscription period, the product will no longer be available to download or use.

10.3. Automatic Renewal of Fixed-term Subscriptions

Automatic renewal can be activated by the user in the selected payment method while purchasing the product.

After automatic renewal, the purchased product will be renewed for the original time period. The user can cancel the auto-renewal any time.

10.4. Termination

Subscriptions can be (may be) terminated by sending a clear request in details and mentioning the reasons to the owner.

11. Liability and Indemnification

11.1. Disclaimer of Warranties

The owner and all its agents, affiliates, partners and employees do not warrant that the services can be available at any time and location, the provided content is correct and reliable, the service is free of harmful viruses. The user downloads the services at his own risk and any risk or damage is at user’s responsibility.

The owner as well do not warrant any services or products which are offered or advertised by a third-party or a website link and the owner does not monitor any transaction between the user and third-parties.

12. Common Provisions

12.1. Service Interruption

To deliver the best services to the users, the owner has the right to interrupt the service for service updates, maintenance, or other changes. All the users will be informed completely.

The owner is able to suspend and terminate the service for logical reasons. The users will be informed appropriately in order to withdraw Personal Data.

In addition, the service may becomes unavailable due to out of control reasons like force majeure (e.g. servers breakdowns or blackouts)

12.2. Service Reselling

Users are not allowed to resell, copy, or duplicate the service without the owner’s express permission.

12.3. Intellectual Property Rights

Any intellectual property such as copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights and design rights are the owner’s properties and they are protected by applicable laws.

The services’ names, trade names and logos which are on the website, are other owner’s properties and are protected by applicable laws as well.

12.4. Changes to These Terms

The owner has the right to make changes in these terms at any time. In this case, the users will be properly notified from the owner side. 

To continue using services, users have to agree with new changes, otherwise they are asked to stop using the services. Any failure to accept the new version of terms provides the agreement termination right for the owner.

12.5. Assignment of Contract

The owner has the right to transfer or assign a part of or all rights and obligations under these terms, all user’s legitimate interests are taken.

The user is not able to transfer or assign his rights to someone else without the owner’s express permission.

13. Dispute Resolution

13.1. Amicable Dispute Resolution

However, the users reserve the right to take legal actions against any dispute, sometimes by reporting the problem to the owner, it can be resolved easily and amicably. To explain the dispute details to the owner, users can find the contact information on this website and write about the issue in summary or detail to the owner.

The owner will handle the complaint within 21 days after submitting.